About quality

We acquired ISO9001/2015 and ISO14000/2015 certifications in December 2017 since the foundation in April 2015.

In 2020 we make possible real-time monitoring of the quality status in each production process from the acceptance inspection to shipping inspection without human errors by introducing the new advanced inspection devices and measurement equipment and connecting to the internal LAN and processing all of them with our own software (TQMOS: TMEV QUALITY MONITOR SYSTEM).

TQMOS statically process the acceptance inspection result of components and materials procured from the supplier to preliminarily figure out tendency of quality deterioration and prevent process delay from occurring.

As an example, for chassis component with aluminum diecast, we revise and reproduce the casts before occurrence of component defect by assuming lifetime of the casts through transfer of the mean and dispersion of mechanical dimension.

Additionally, since progressive status of each process is simultaneously monitored real-time by our own software (PMMS: PRODUCT MANAGEMENT MONITOR SYSTEM), these systems prevent time lags even in the case of any defect or abnormality and make it possible to recover in the shortest time.

Furthermore we digitalize every drawing and document, etc. necessary for manufacturing and unitarily keep and manage them in the internal common server.  When using the document necessary for each process, by scanning QR code given to the in-process products, the proper document on the applicable products is transferred to and displayed on the monitor from the server to prevent application of inappropriate document.

Besides, in order to engage in tasks that are important to product quality,

Acquirement of the qualification designated by the corporate rules for these operations is an obligation, and quality defect is prevented from occurring since only those who have required skills are engaged in the significant process.

We have been leveraging the Japanese headquarters’ experiences and knowhow built in these markets for more than 50 years in Japan where users’ requirement for quality is the strictest in the world, and now we will contribute to realization of the advanced information society by providing the best quality products satisfying our customers in the world.