Environmental policy


* Philosophy:

Awareness of the global environment preservation is the major issue, our Company reduce the environmental load throughout our business activities from design to development, manufacturing and contribute to the sustainable development of society and the health of human.

* Policy:

To conduct activities reducing the environmental load, we established the following principles as our basic policy:

  1. Always comply with the laws and agreements concerning the environment, understand the impacts on the environment, minimize environmental load, and prevent environmental pollution.
  2. Strive to reduce wastes in our business activities that impact to the environment, promote to reuse and recycle wastes and reduce the load of environment.
  3. Recognize the environmental aspects in our business activities, we will continuously improve the environmental management system and review on a regular basis.
  4. Communicate this environmental policy to all employees and try to increase the knowledge and awareness about the important of environment preservation.
  5. Promote this environmental policy outside the Company widely.

Download pdf file here: TMEV-Environmental Policy