Introduction of mmWave Wireless Module

NEW 5G TECHNOLOGY MmWave wireless Module MmWave Wireless Module is a radio module that can be used in the millimeter band of 5G. Multi-element antennas, beamformers with variable antenna directivity, frequency converters, and SDR boards are integrated in the module to provide a flexible hardware configuration that can accommodate a variety of solutions.      

MPOI Introduction

Now day The indoor coverage for tall building, shopping mall, hotel, hospital and underground system which are operated  85% serving A coverage of building is designed to cover multi-operator and multiple bands. Our Modular POI (MOI) has designed to cover 4 operators and 4 bands. It covered from 700-3500Mhz Mặt trước sản phẩm MPOI introduction

High Quality Control System

All of our production process from receiving inspection to shipping makes realization of digital transformation! Below shows about quality management in Tamagawa Electronics Vietnam . We have introduced new software system for managing and controlling for each process of production. => Lets watch video to see our quality system

Press release

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Model: DUP-1088-UHSE Feature 5G Band Combiner is an antenna duplexer that shares 2 frequencies. The product is designed 3.5/4.5 GHz for 5G System. It is equipped 2 output ports and 1 input port and waterproof function.   Application ♦ Telecommunication purpose ♦ Outdoor Antenna combiner for 5G (sub6band)   ELECTRONICAL SPECIFICATIONS NO. COLUMN 3.5G 4.5G